No pay today!

Last year, I played a joke on my workers. As usual I would pay their salaries on the last day of the month. Sometimes, I had to pay on the first instead. So on the first of last April, I was supposed to give out their salaries. I had already got ready without them knowing.

But I wanted to play a joke on them. I told them that I won't be giving out their salaries on that day as the boss had kept all the cash. Imagine them looking sad..

Suddenly, before they were dismissed, I handed them their salaries. They were shocked! 



  1. what a naughty boss you are!! but make sure your staff won't do anything on you when they heard you are not paying them on time~~ :D

  2. hmmm, and be aware of tomorrow they may be making a prank on you.. so that's the fun of working in your shop huh?? :p

  3. well, thanks for reminding me of April's Fool, hahaha!! but i think nobody will be fooling me lah, so old already~~ :D

  4. That would maybe be a dangerous joke to pay here in the USA. We're not so nice when it comes to our paychecks!

  5. They must have thought that it is real. :D

  6. good to have a sense of humour. Your workers sure enjoy working with you


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