Do you believe in coin tossing?

Last Sunday, I was at Sam Poh Tong offering prayers to my late PIL. As usual, we offered vegetarian food and fruits. When the burning of the joss-sticks had been done, we needed to ask permission from my late PIL before we burnt the stuff for them. Therefore, we tossed the coins.

My husband started first and the answer was 'No'. So I tried. It was a 'No' too. So my son took over and it became a 'Yes'!


Another incident:

This morning was the 'Cheng Beng' day. Prayers were offered at home. My husband bought barbecued chicken, siew yok and char siew (pork) and fruits too. Since I was alone at home, I had to carry out the prayers.

I had tossed the coins and my late PIL kept saying 'No' for several times. Guess they got tired and gave me the final answer, "YES'!

I quickly kept all those stuff and started cutting the chicken and pork. I had to prepare lunch as quickly as possible. By the way, I was late to work. I didn't get to eat my lunch. Just 'tapau' some for my husband..



  1. Why did you force your PIL to say YES? : )

  2. Thank you for being so filial. Judging from the postings in facebook, the tradition is alive and well for which I'm glad.
    And yesn my family still toss coins too. My mom laughs that when food is served, my late Dad always arrives quickly coz it's almost always a "yes" on the 1st try. :)

  3. we never use coins but we use the proper thing.. errr, i do not know what to call that, haha..

  4. yeah, i do think the answer is normally NO for adults but YES for kids.. haha!!

  5. so you have been busy lately for the Ching Ming huh??

  6. Come to think of is actually quite fun...leaving your fate to coins. :p

  7. I believe it's true though I myself never tried it before...

  8. Some time coin tossing is good option.

  9. err...maybe like Chinese they will say no no no need la then baru say yes leh?

  10. We did that too at home. Laughing at foongpc's comment. haha

  11. I saw my mom doing it too..but not using coin.


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