Smokes gets into your lungs

For one thing, I dislike cigarettes and its smoke. I dislike its smell. That's why I never like to go to the pub or whatsoever.

But since I work in the shop, I have no choice but to face those cigarettes packets everyday. I even have to sell too. It's written on the packet: 'Cigarette Causes Lung Cancer." But who cares..

Those cigarettes are even created using high quality tobaccos..That the smokers care..

The packet are even nicely designed with words to captivate those smokers..

Would you care to take a puff?

Definitely a NO NO for the under aged 

it's best to leave smoking behind..


Smoking KILLS!!


  1. i don't smoke and i do not like smokers too!!

  2. especially those smokers that puff like nobody business and never care to be considerate to other people.. and those who puff in the toilet, i really hate them!!

  3. no idea why smokers are paying to damage their lungs huh?? and cigarettes aren't cheap at all at RM10 a pack..

  4. but then just cannot help because some can get very addicted, a pack a day!! for me, definitely not going to smoke..

  5. those photos are just to follow the government's regulation.. i don't think many will be alarmed by that but yet they continue smoking..

    1. Customers don't mind the picture of the premature baby woh..

  6. I can't stand the smell and smoke. No for me.

  7. But the image on the cigarette pack affected my BIL.. he has stopped smoking after that...

  8. I can't stand those cigarette smokes.

  9. Smoking first kills your money, it then kills your life.


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