How often have you shifted? My girl just told me that she hasn't experienced shifting before. She asked, "When will I experience shifting?" I answered, "You will when you further your studies in KL."

Thinking about it, I had experienced it for quite a number of times. Let me see..

1. When I was in Year 6, I had shifted from my birth place in Tupai Lane to Green House Area in Taiping. 

2. When I was studying in KL, we shifted to another place in Green House Area too.

3. When I graduated, my family shifted to a low cost house at Batu 2 1/2 Jalan Simpang in Taiping. My mum is still staying in this house.

4. As for me, when I was working in PJ after my Fifth form, I had shifted to numerous places. Initially, I had stayed in two places within a year. Then I had shifted to Jalan Pahang in KL when I was studying to be a teacher.

5. Believe it or not, I had moved about three times before I graduated from the college.

6. I was posted to Pasir Mas, Kelantan but I was there for only a year.

7. When I got my transfer to Ipoh, I had rented four rooms before I got married.

8. When I got married, I stayed in the shop. I felt congested so I had to shift out.

9. I had stayed in two rented houses before I shifted to my very own HOME..

10.  .....till now....



  1. I shifted office and school more than I shift houses. ;p

  2. i hope you can treat this new home as your best home ever, and enjoy the rest of your life there :)

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  3. What a journey you had before. I hope I don't have to go through that

  4. oh, how many times shifted?? hmmm, let me think and try to recall..

  5. not many times actually, three times so far for major ones.. haha!!

  6. and also one time during university days, and then one time when i was working in HK.. that's it..

  7. I have only shifted like once...when I was 4. :D

  8. I've never moved ever since I got married 33 years ago, just love this place and the surrounding.

  9. i really hate shifting. All the mess and then the clean up. But then at times, we have to do it.

  10. I shifted a few times too especially during studying and working time. A very tiring job. I rather stick to one place if possible.

    Btw, why was your house decorated with balloons (on the ceiling). Having a party ?

  11. Hmm, nice post! Now you make me wanna do a post on my own shifting too. I lost count of how many times I moved house! hahah!


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