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Booking a hotel room online is so much convenient. But sometimes it could become a problem too like in the case when I booked the Apple Hotel near Queensbay Mall. When I reached the hotel, they practically had no room for us..

When you book online, you would need to pay immediately by credit card. It could be a problem too when you decide to cancel the booking. It could be a loss..

There was once when I booked through phone, I had breakfast included whereas when I booked online, no breakfast was included..

But just now, when I wanted to book online, the price was so much cheaper. But I booked through phone instead as I prefer to pay by cash and I could cancel anytime I want without any charges..


  1. normally they offer cheaper rates online, but then cheaper rates means less flexibility..

  2. i think i would prefer online booking, as you get the proof of booking and i don't have to worry anything about it, since i have all the black and white..

  3. It depends..if u are sure of the booking, then it's better to book online.

  4. I also like to book through phone but sometimes they ask for our credit card number too.. certain hotels..

  5. Hi Wenn, I agree with you....can have its advantages, disadvantages.

  6. So buying online is not a wise decision right? Because you might lose it if you cancel...not good at all. :(

  7. guess each have its pro and cons

  8. I always book online for hotels and airlines, they have much cheaper rates than going straight to the hotels. Only once I did cancel my booking and there's no charge, full payment are returned as long as it's not one day notice, For that there's a cancellation charge. I usually use for hotel booking.


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