At Tony Roma's

While waiting for our vehicle to be repaired, we had by-past our lunch hour. Without hesitation, when we reached The Curve, we immediately found a place to have our late lunch..

at Tony Roma's..

nice ambience..

ordered drinks to quench our thirst..

a complimentary french toast..

a cheese burger

apple dessert

chicken tenderloin platter

fish and chips

Had a scrumptious meal.
Then we headed to our hotel in KL city center.


  1. I hope to go next week in KL...but I'd probably go to the one at Pavilion...Curve so far from the city centre where I will be staying.

  2. So where did u stay... had a good time shopping?

  3. That's my favorite restaurant... Fried mushroom, hawaiian salad. Ribs steaks etc... Drooling now.

  4. Pity the stomach you guys were starved could easily eat a horse haha..

  5. wow, nice.. i love that chicken and the drinks, haha~~ :)

  6. I have never eaten at Tony Roma's. I heard they serve really good pork ribs, which is only available in S'pore.

  7. i love tony roma's warm bread and garlic herb spread... yums!


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