Lucky Numbers

We opened our shop on the 7 Feb 11, that was the 5th day of Chinese New Year. After a short while, a Choi San Yeh visited us. I asked what was I supposed to do. His assistant told me to give an ang pow in return for Choi San Yeh's ang pow.

So I prepared an ang pow, not too big and gave to the Choi San Yeh. He gave me an ang pow in return. There was a slip of paper with the numbers 1572.

So I asked my cashier to go buy that number but she hesitated. Then I forgot all about it. The next morning, she informed that the last 3 numbers came out. Too bad I didn't buy that number.

So I decided to try my luck the next day. I bought the numbers at Magnum. But opportunity only knocks once!


Yesterday I was at Popular Bookstore in Parkson. I just browsed a feng shui book and found that my lucky numbers are 572! What a coincidence!

If only I had visited Popular earlier. That would have seriously got me buying that lucky numbers given by the Choi San Yeh.

Otherwise, I could have treated all of you Yee Sang!


  1. Aiya, the 'choi' came to you and you didn't take it seriously.
    Perhaps you have to try again next year. All the best! :)

  2. you have luck coming. look for it!
    Aloha from Honolulu,

    Comfort Spiral


  3. That's a pity. Otherwise, we all can ask you to belanja. LOL

  4. Wah! You bought RM10!! Played so big...

  5. If my mum, she will sure ran over to buy on the spot. haha....

  6. Too bad..miss the good luck number..never mind..try again..

  7. Some old folks said must buy three times then only give up so got another 2 more chance..good luck!

  8. keep on buying that number for a month, who knows it will really strike you~~ :p

  9. Apparently, you shouldn't tell people your lucky number.

  10. LOL, too bad you can't treat us Yee Shang! Never mind lucks will always come again!

  11. So what's the lesson? But the number yourself next time. :p

  12. Wow! Who is the fengshui master? I am sure luck will come knocking again:)


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