This sifu has been with us since Oct 2008. Since my brother-in-law left the company and opened his own shop in March 2008, we didn't have a sifu who knows all about medical stuff. My husband only knows about sundry stuff.

Actually that was the reason why I left teaching. My husband needs me as no one would be there to keep an eye on the shop when he goes out to buy stock.

How I suffered during that period of 7 months. I had to learn about the Chinese stuff and mind you, it was not easy as I was not Chinese educated.

So when sifu came, things got better. I was more at ease but I had to learn other stuff too. Most importantly, I have to take control of the counter. I have to check the sales of the day carefully.

This sifu is actually a very patient man. Initially, he was rather slow as formerly he owned his own small medical shop. Since my husband wanted speedy delivery, he caught up and could work fast like us.

But most of the time, he liked to do things without consulting my husband and he used to get scolded. Most of the time, he kept quiet. Once or twice, he shouted back.

Things got worst. Yesterday, my husband wanted to see the order form but he couldn't produce it. The matter got worst and sifu decided to quit.

I was not there to witness the argument as I was there later in the morning. When sifu went for his lunch, my cashier told me all about it.

When he came back after lunch, sifu asked me to write a letter of resignation for him. I tried to keep him but he insisted that he wanted to leave as he's not happy working here anymore.

Later, my husband told me to write him a letter so that he could sign it as soon as possible. My husband wanted him to leave by the end of this month.

So the letter has been written and he has signed. It's confirmed he's leaving.

Actually he's a nice 60 year-old man. I learned a lot regarding the Chinese stuff from him.

But the boss is the boss. I have no say. Hope he will get another job soon.


  1. I feel sorry for the Sifu, since it's not easy for a 60 years old to get another job... moreover he has been helping you a lot.:)

  2. You were a teacher? Smart move - no money in teaching. Chinese say, "Eat not full, starve wouldn't die."

    60, can retire already...but hopefully, he's prepared for this - enough savings, EPF and all...or with children who can help support and make ends meet.

  3. Hi Wenn
    Hiring and Firing is not easy but you are the boss's wife...that will be part of your towkay neo life now.

    Yes it is not easy to fire a 60 year old.

  4. Read the Penang Godfather's entry this morning about 'a letter of excitement' and then come to your blog its 'a letter of unhappiness'. Well this is life..

  5. Well...too bad. O hope your sifu can get another job somewhere else. :p

  6. lets hope you will find another sifu soon.

  7. Oh... you're not Chinese-educated. What are the Chinese stuff you learned?

  8. I hope he'll have a good future ahead, the sifu. Not easy to start over at that age.

    And you, I wish you the best too and don't over stress yourself.:)

  9. Hope he can find a job elsewhere? But I think since he's already 60 he should have quite a sizeable savings and should be able to retire already no?


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