Learning to Learn

I was not Chinese educated but I studied basic Chinese just for a matter of four years when I was in the primary school. But only one Chinese book. Those days I just loved to read and write the Chinese characters.

I even sent my kids to Chinese school so that I could still keep in touch with the basic ones.

So when I started to help my husband in his shop three years ago, I had to refresh my Chinese. What I did was I wrote the pin yin for those Chinese words. I could recognize those basic Chinese characters but not those difficult ones.

You can imagine me taking photos of those Chinese herbal stuff, got them printed out and put them in the album. My friend helped me to type out all those Chinese herbal characters and I wrote the Cantonese pin yin beside those characters. Of course I asked my friend to read to me.

But it was too much to absorb in a short time. I needed much longer time to learn all those stuff. Until now, I still couldn't remember some of them. Thankfully, I have the sifu with us. But he's retiring soon. And a new sifu would be here next month. So I'm quite relieved!


  1. I dont even know how to write my name in chinese!

  2. I am glad that my parents sent me to Chinese primary school. :) It is a huge advantage if you know mandarin.

  3. Chinese..it always give me headache to learn.
    I don't even know how to write my own chinese name...

  4. Necessity is the mother of success...

  5. I'm just like you...Last time people used to call me banana...so malu la...but now thank god, at leats i know some chinese words, can speak mandarin and so on.

  6. i think maybe a little creative learning will make you absorb them faster.. :)

  7. I think you are doing great. I know very little Chinese words and can't speak Mandarin fluently too.

  8. You're great... at least you're willing to learn! Thankfully I'm from Chinese school, I must say that learning Mandarin is more difficult than English, but it is an advantage if you know Mandarin... especially when you visit those Chinese country like Hong Kong, Taiwan and China.

  9. A small beginning is good!! Presevere and you will find success!!


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