The Gardens Mall

I have been to the Gardens Mall once last year. This time I got to view those awesome CNY decorations.

lovely shades of red

bountiful flowers

a flowery peacock?

ceiling decorations

At the Gardens Mall, my husband insisted on buying me a branded handbag. Last time I always objected as I felt that it's not necessary but this time I gave in. See what he got for me..(next)


  1. If you didn't mention it is a peacock, I wouldn't have noticed. It is gorgeous. :)

  2. I went to a shopping mall here yesterday. Just a few lanterns here and miserable to decorations.

  3. why did you decide to give in this time?

  4. i think the peacock is the star attraction :D

  5. Your CNY or Valentine gift?? Very romantic and great hubby you have there! I am looking forward to see your new handbag! :)

  6. i go to The Gardens almost everyday, because there's where i work~~ :p

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