Panasonic Iron

Yesterday I bought a new Panasonic iron as I had dropped the old one and it's broken.

At the SenQ centre in Parkson, we saw this cute iron. It only cost RM53. When I asked about the warranty period, the salesperson told me that it's only one year. But if I paid another RM3, I would get a warranty of two years. Should the iron gets faulty during that period, I would be entitled for a new one. Otherwise, I got to wait for it to be repaired.

Did I buy that statement? Of course not. I told him that I trust Panasonic and nothing would go wrong.

Then I asked if there's any discount since I'm a member. Guess Panasonic items are not discounted. I would be given 8 points instead.

Well, my membership has expired. If I renew it for another year by paying RM12, I would be entitled for the points.

What's the point? I would prefer discounts. So I didn't renew my membership.


  1. Don't worry! You're not the only one. Dunno how many my mrs has bought to date...and our TEFAL non-stick longer round! LOL!!!

  2. Don't really buy into all these extended warranty unless it's an expensive stuff like pc, dslr camera and etc. But then , they won't offered u for these stuffs.

  3. New iron to play around...happy ironing..

  4. I do love to buy stuff with discounts. have a blessed day, Wenn

  5. I always trust panasonic wenn. They have never disspoint me. I also like Pensonic. I was told that Pensonic is a subsidiary of Panasonic.

    The extended warranty is cheap. If me, i would pay the rm3. Just in case.

    Becoming a member to a shopping centre is not really important for me. Like you, i would be a member if the card entitles me for a discount. I become a member of Boulevard shopping mall in Kuching. It gives me both benefits. First, points to redeem items. Secondly, i can get discounts for certain items there.

    Enjoy your new iron.

  6. i prefer discounts too.... will always keep an eye on it before buying anything.

  7. i used to have senQ member card, but i did not renew it yet... cus so far, no need to buy anything! hahaha!

  8. Perhaps Panasonic worried that you might drop it again that's why you were asked if you want another year warranty. Just in case. :)

  9. Have been using my 'National' iron since 1977 so tempted to go for steam or wireless iron just dont have the heart to abandon my old faithful which I dropped a few times. Only changed the wiring once and will keep it with me forever.

  10. Wow, such contemporary looking iron!


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