Batu Caves

When I was studying in KL, I used to pass by Batu Caves but I didn't lift my foot there at all. So recently I decided to visit it at least once.

So here I was..almost reaching.
I could see the statue which is a symbol of Batu Caves.

There's even a watery place by the cave.

The golden statue of Lord Murugan stood proudly in front of the cave.
A 42.7m (140.09 feet high) high, the statue was unveiled in January 2006,
having taken 3 years to construct.
It is the tallest Lord Murugan statue in the world.

Intricate structures.

Birds resting on the structures.

Hindu deities.

The limestone forming Batu Caves is said to be around 400 million years old.

Took a picture with my girl when we were halfway through.

Almost reaching..

Finally, we had climbed the 272 steps to the temple.

Intriguing stalactites..

A small temple.

Many devotees gathered together and were praying.

From atop, I could get a lovely view of the nearby place.

On my way down, I saw these devotees climbing up the flight of stairs
without even taking a breather.

Just before I touched the ground, I had a shot of those deities.
I was fascinated by the one with a human head but animal body!

The day was very hot! We were famished and thus headed for our lunch.


  1. Nice outing at Batu Caves.. I been there once.

  2. I been there once, but many many many many years back...

  3. Shame on me, never been to Batu Caves despite the fact that i been to KL for so many times,,,, the war monument, the zoo also never been,, always shopping shopping when in KL,, next time must change the style already,,,,

    how was your CNY my friend,,?

  4. I went to Batu Caves as a kid, and have never been there again...

  5. Went there many many years ago...nothing much, not planning to go again.

  6. Some things have changed. Others remain the same....Beautiful photos....I took only black and white ones before.

  7. The first time I went to the Batu Caves was 2 years ago during Thaipusam. The atmosphere was 'electric', one has to be moving among the crowds and observing the rituals and of course, walk up the steps with the thousands. Once in a while, I do not mind crowds. That's why I was there!! I

  8. I never been there before.. :) so now u r back at work sweet work? when can we meet up? :)

  9. i'm staying in KL since i was born, but i've never been to Batu Caves before, haha!! :D

  10. u put me to shame as i've not visited batu caves since like... forever!

  11. Been there once many many years ago haha..tQ for the pixz

  12. Hey you guys should visit Batu Caves during Thaipusam but there will be many people there from around the world. Watch this Truly Asia video to see what I mean -


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