Danone Dumex CNY Dinner

Last night, my husband and I attended a CNY dinner organized by Danone Dumex. It was held at Sun Lee How Fook.

We got our door gift.

When we reached there on time, many people were already seated.

The first dish was definitely the yee sang.

Poured the sauce.

Then we tossed it.

We were being entertained..

by a group of dancers..

and singers too..

Ready to yum seng..


Lucky people!

Before the dinner ended, we were needed to fill in the prestige form.

Of course, only GOOD and EXCELLENT!


  1. Wah...so grand the place and the dinner...but you're the only one who was dressed up appropriately, others so casual. That's you in the cheongsam, right?

  2. Wah, nice dinner. Nice door gift too. :)

  3. Wow! Is it free?

    The door gift looks expensive. Lucky you. Hahaha!

    If Dumex a milk brand then...I'm sorry, I have never bought it for my baby yet. I hope it tastes good.

    Looks like a wonderful dinner too. Glad you enjoyed it. HAve a nice day Wenn.

  4. the door gift looks good, but how come not their own brand products?? haha.. :D

  5. Whao, such a scrumptious dinner, most attractive part is... it's free!

    Wishing you and your hubby a beautiful Valentine!

  6. suituapui, I was not in the picture. That's my cousin SIL.

  7. SK, last year we were given the Mamil Gold, their products.

  8. Had my 3rd yeesung for dinner. Ah Dumex which we have no other choice while as a kid..

  9. i like the yee sang very much... i miss those food very much.

  10. i like the yee sang very much... i miss those food very much.


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