Pathetic Doctor

There is a doctor who used to come to my shop to buy milk and beer. Initially, he was rather quiet. One day, I broke the ice and spoke to him briefly. He's actually a friendly guy. When he smiles, he looks better. Otherwise, he looks pathetic.

He would usually come to buy his stuff in the evening. So recently, I didn't see him at all. Then yesterday, he came just before we closed at 10pm. I casually asked, "Doctor, how come so late today?"

He replied, "I have to clean my stuff in the clinic."

Offhandedly, I commented, "Your nurses can do it for you."

At this juncture, he poured out his story:

"When I was away for a few days, my nurse took care of my clinic. I trusted her but things were getting worst recently. I lost some of my surgical appliances. I even lost some money. I thought that I must had misplaced my money as I'm getting old. But I was wrong. The nurse stole my money. I remembered I placed an envelope with cash in the drawer to be paid to my supplier and when I was ready to take out, I caught her red-handed. She just grabbed that envelope and refused to give me. I got so angry and fired her. Now I'm left alone and I have to do everything on my own. That's why I'm late."

I could only lend my ears. Hope he felt relieved after telling his story.

My husband was still waiting for us to go out from the shop. Otherwise, he could have related more of his story.

I sympathize him. I couldn't help much. Hope he would get a trustworthy nurse soon.


  1. Poor guy. But he needs to keep a better control of how he manage his clinic too. A doctor cannot be that pathetic!

  2. That is sad and I hope he finds a trustworthy nurse to help him. That is terrible that some people have Zero Integrity.

  3. Yah, I agree with Lina...improve a better systematic way.

  4. Not easy to employ honest staff. Must lock the money securely from now onwards.

  5. What a sad story.,...I just hope that people today who look for jobs need to know what integrity is all about. Pilfering is just too common a crime nowadays. Wish the doctor luck in getting a good person to work for him. May God bless him.

  6. OMG! But this is inevitable in the current corrupt society. :(

  7. that's really bad of the nurse, hope the doctor can find a trustworthy nurse soon..

  8. Guess we cant trust anyone even if it's long time employee

  9. Such tragedy... I feel sorry for him too!

  10. Never too late to learn about the realities of life. *haiz*

  11. Nowadays not easy to employ clinic nurses...


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