Braun Buffel

Finally, I got a new black Braun Buffel handbag
which was very expensive no doubt.

Since it was above RM1k, I was entitled to become
a D'Guild member and The Gardens Club member.

After filling in the membership form, I had free gifts!

Then I proceeded to The Gardens Club counter.

Got a free membership card which lasts for a year!

Since I won't be able to make use of the card frequently,
I quickly had my first experience.
I walked into the resting place created specially for the members.


  1. You didn't buy anything from LV? ^^

  2. I am soo sooo soooo jealous! Lol

  3. Nice bag...
    So nice.....can relax there...
    Very nice gifts ....

  4. wow nice bag! :)

    I thank god everyday that my gf doesn't have branded taste.

  5. wow, that's such a nice bag!! :)

  6. Nice bag! With red lining samo. Vy 'ong'. :) Din know abt The Gardens Club. Obviously I don't spend so much to get any entitlement.


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