There's one happy-go-lucky guy.

Here's his story:

I'm a happy guy. Every morning, I would get up very early in the morning. Firstly, I would tune on soft music as I go along with my morning business such as brushing my teeth, washing my face and taking my bath.

Then I would prepare my own breakfast. Later in the morning, I would take my wife marketing. She usually buys fish and vegetables.

After that, I would relax for a while before I go out for my business.

In the evenings, I would take my wife window-shopping at the nearest sundry shop. At the shop, my wife would be buying but I would be waiting for her. While waiting I would talk to the boss of the shop.

My story:

This time, he talked to me. He related his story to me. He said:

"We should be happy everyday. If possible, we should help the poor too. I have plenty of money and that's what I do."

My husband overheard him and said, "OK then, give me some money."

He replied: "Call me papa first and how much do you want?"

Well, my husband was just joking so he kept back his wallet.

He also said, " What for I keep all the money? I can't even bring along when I leave the world."

He even said that he is enjoying a relaxing life and he won't regret it should he dies one day.

I like his advice, ie, "Don't stressed up yourself. Be happy and enjoy every single day!"


  1. yeah yeah...i remember i always remind myself to be happy go lucky when I first stepped out from home to outstation to study for 4 long years.... Let's not stress...

  2. I think I'm like him in many ways. Don't worry, be happy.

  3. 人在天堂;錢在銀行
    rén zài tiān táng; qián zài yín háng
    [lit..man in heaven; money in bank]

  4. It's good to think positively and be happy all the time...

  5. My motto is: Think positively!

    Nice post!

    Betty xx

  6. LOL, I'm TRYING to enjoy every single minute, but sometime I find it harder than I expected!

  7. Yeah! Life is...too short for us to be canned up. :) We should loosen up a bit.

  8. Be a happy go lucky foodie, LOL!

  9. The are plenty of truth in what he said but still having a lot of money is a blessing.


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