Chinese New Year Trip

We decided to make a trip to KL instead of staying put in Ipoh.

Our side was smooth sailing but not for the other side of the highway.
People seemed to think that it wouldn't be congested on the first day of the Chinese New Year. But they were wrong!

On our way, we were faced with a major breakdown.
Our vehicle actually broke down!
Luckily the Plus Ronda was just there.
The guy jump-started out vehicle and we had to get to a nearby workshop.

Our vehicle was checked and this guy was an expert.

He detected the main culprit of the breakdown.
After leisurely waiting for the part to be bought and fixed,
we had to pay handsomely to the mechanic!

Well, to cool off, we zoomed straight to the Curve!

What a great day!


  1. awww...always a bad thing to suffer a breakdown on a festive season. Im sure the mechanic will charge double!
    Anyway, glad u have a good time.
    The traffic jam was terbalik was very congested going south till Slim River.

  2. Aiyor...should always check and service cars before long trips. Wah! Chinese New Year, you run away kah? No big open house - entertain customers and business associates kah? Here, the Chinese businessmen do that - very grand! So kaya mah...

  3. ChrisAu, anyway glad u n family were home safely.

  4. suituapui, we had it serviced before the trip but things happened inexpectedly. Anyway, we were safely back home yesterday. Btw, we don't hv open house.

  5. I think a lot of people think the same about not much traffic on CNY so they decide to travel that day and that's why got traffic jam that day. ;)

    Pity about the breakdown. Ouch on paying so much for the repair. o.O

  6. Considered unlucky but very lucky..?!? This is my main concern when traveling during festive season. You are actually very lucky to find a mechanic and to get the parts changed other than burnt pocket. It could be worst if all spare parts shops are closed even the mechanic cant do a thing. So the alternator was giving the problem..Glad all things went well.

  7. Lina, traveling to n fro KL was great during CNY!

  8. Bananaz, I could only thank our lucky star even though it happened.

  9. Gong Xi Fa Cai to you and your family.
    Roads were clear in KL on CNY days. It will be crazy today, Sunday.

  10. awww surprise to know the highway is congested on the 1st day of CNY huh?? hmmm, so how's the trip to KL?? everywhere's quiet instead of the usual bustling KL right?? :)

  11. SK, we revisited a number of places. It was smooth driving in KL!

  12. wow..if i alone, sure panic.. dont know what to do.. next time better prepare myself for the PLUS number..

  13. very fishy.. i read in Ken Wooi's blog they drove from Ipoh to KL oso their car broke down!


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