Views from our villa

After our breakfast at Bila-Bila, it was still raining. The others were sound asleep so I took some pictures from our villa..

views of those villas on Branch 2..from our villa's balcony

view of the far left into the Straits of Malacca

our neighboring villa on my left..view from the balcony

front view..on my right

all the villlas were equipped with umbrellas..very handy when it rains

front view..on my left

The card was left on as the others were still sound asleep..

My two girls and I went on to explore the place further..before we went out for our lunch.


  1. Thanks Wenn...a must visit one day in the future. Thanks for the intro. Lovely.

  2. Wow! The villas are nice! I want to stay in one for my holidays!!

  3. Nice villas and the view of the sea, makes me wanna go bila-bila tak tahu..haha

  4. Not convenient to move around on rainy days hor? And the word "walk" does not exist in my vocabulary. Don't like the place already... Muahahahaha!!!

  5. Nice place! if can cycle around lagi shiok :D

  6. Very nice scenery... i wanna go la.. just told my son about it.. :)

  7. This place is nice! Have to google to locate it. I want to go too :)


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