Well, I guess eating is very important. Since we already had lunch outside the resort, we made do with dinner in the resort.

This time, we tried Sepoi-Sepoi which is near the main building of the resort.

The interior looks good.

My plate of fried kueh teow which was very soft.
The big prawn on it was not cooked properly.
So I didn't eat that prawn!
 What a waste.

The wantan noodles which was not so tasty.

The chicken rice which was ok.

Kaya n butter toast which was rather simple.

Pattaya rice which was yummy.

After dinner, we went to see the biggest villa in this resort..


  1. I guess the food at this type of resorts are not so goody-goody as we get in IPOH, right? :)

  2. Hah! At least the food I had at the cheap airport hotel was not so bad... LOL!!!

  3. hmmmm, so the conclusion is that: food is lousy there?? hahaha~~ :D

  4. Some eateries serve not so tasty food and charge expensive prices for it.

  5. So in the end you paid for the decoration instead of the food lar. :/

  6. This is the kind of place I will never ever go again! What a shame! :(

  7. Food there lack the standard except nasi Pattaya?

  8. The resorts sound like a very nice place to stay!

  9. Resorts food are normally lousy....dunno from where they hire the chefs....ha ha ha!


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