Breakfast at Bila-Bila

Breakfast for 3 only my mum, my girl and I could go for breakfast. The others continued to sleep soundly as it was raining on that Saturday morning (12Nov 11).

We had to walk from our villa to the Club House and then took our breakfast at the Bila-Bila Restaurant.

my plate..

Then I went around taking pictures of those that managed to attract me..

After breakfast, we went back to our villa and continued with our sleep. It was so cool. It rained the whole morning! Later we went out hunting for our lunch as the others were already hungry.


  1. very nice decoration. How was the food?

  2. No photo of the buffet spread?

    P.S. Aiyor, Isaac! That shows how long you've not dropped by. Hehehehehe!

  3. Aiyo eat then go back sleep..getting over weight after that haha.

  4. So bila-bila(anyime) also can eat?? LOL

    Nice holiday with nice meal :)

  5. wow your breakfast sounds like a whole good meal! :D



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