New again

I have been looking for a new laptop for quite some time. Recently it has become a reality. I got ASUS which cost RM2149. But it's not mine. It's for my son who's desktop is being used in the shop.


Mine is Dell which was infected with Malware recently. Sent for reformatting and it becomes a new one all over again. I was thankful that I did my back-up just a few days before the incident. Otherwise, I would have cried my heart out as all my vacation photos would be gone forever..

It's always wise to do back-up. Have you done yours lately?

But there's one flaw..I can't upload my photos directly from the SD card anymore. I have to use the USB. Anyway, it's better too..

So here's hoping no more bad incident in future. Keep my fingers crossed.


  1. Oh, i havent back up my blog yet. better do it now..

  2. Dell not function properly. Maybe time for a new iPad :P

  3. handsome laptops!! i always do regular backups of important files..

  4. I'm hoping the same thing too... Sighhhh!!!!

  5. As good as new eh. tQ for the reminder would go back up my blog now.

  6. Get an external hard disk and save all your valuable pixs and data there, besides saving in your PC.

  7. I have an external hard disk which is very precious to me.

  8. You just gave me goose bumps! I have many important photos and documents of the recent golf tournament which need to back up! Thanks for alerting others!


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