After witnessing the sunset at the Smiley Beach, we adjourned to the Club House for our dinner. Initially, we wanted to have a buffet dinner but we hesitated when we found out that it cost RM95 per pax. So we opted for ala Bila-Bila Restaurant.

Nasi Goreng Kampung RM28.00

Chicken Little RM18.00

Fish and Chips RM32.00

Pasta RM32.00

Teriyaki Chicken RM36.00

It was indeed very expensive. 

So we decided to take our next day lunch out of the resort..


  1. The food prices are ridiculous! Are they 5 Star??

  2. Wow! Very expensive! But the food looks delicious!

  3. love the look of the teriyaki chicken. Considering its in a resort, the price kira normal la

  4. It is expensive...but high class, fine dining, what to expect? Hopefully, the taste was good...

  5. very expensive indeed!! normal, only the teriyaki chicken looks more special..

  6. it's pretty expensive. but seeing it's at a resort, cannot expect it to be cheap. do they taste nice?

  7. Super high class prices! hahaha.. but never mind, holiday ma.. so must spend a bit!


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