To Sepang Gold Coast

I had printed a map from the website. My girl helped me with the direction. Finally, we reached our destination, the Sepang Gold Coast!

I drove in with the permission from the guards at the guard house. I dropped my mum and my kids together with our luggage at the main entrance. Then I drove away past the guard house and parked my car further down at the specific car park. There, a van drove me back to the main entrance.

I checked in. It was already 4pm. My villa was supposed to cater for only 3 adults. Initially, only three of us was at the reception. After a short while, my son joined us. Seeing that there were four of us, the receptionist asked if more were staying at the villa.

I just told her that I would let her know if the others were going to stay or not. She said ok but I had decided not to expose our intention.

So off we took a buggy and went to our villa, The Premier Travellers Palm Villa.. It was just half way down the main route.

Do you think we stayed at the lower or the upper floor?


  1. Nice place! Hope to drop least just to look see. Can't afford to stay there...

  2. Nice place! Hope to drop least just to look see. Can't afford to stay there...

  3. wow... great place Wenn!! Must know more details from you!

  4. upper floor or lower floor, still a nice view i guess, i don't really care~~ :)

  5. Love the retreat!! =D
    especially the bed and toilet XD

  6. Oh lovely getaway from the hustle and bustle of Parlor. Good place for a break. You took the lower floor would'nt want your mom to climb up and down.

  7. Wow, sure a good place to relax n getaway from those busy life. U stayed at the upper floor?

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