Polo Ground

Last time I usually went for a walk or a jog at Polo Ground in Ipoh. I didn't actually notice the cleanliness of the surroundings. But last Sunday, when I was there, the first thing that greeted me was this..

plastic cups thrown all over the place..

what happened to the swing?

even a polystyrene bowl was thrown here

What happened to those people utilizing this famous spot in Ipoh? Can't they have the civic consciousness in them?

Well, 2012 is Visit Perak Year. I hope each and everyone of us in Ipoh should do our part to maintain the cleanliness of Ipoh.


  1. Not good.

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  2. surprising. hope there is some explanation why it happened once-

    Aloha from Honolulu

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  3. Too bad people can be litterers!

  4. Old habits die hard... Just yesterday, I saw rich-looking lady in the passenger seat of a Camry throwing a piece of tissue paper out of the vehicle onto the road. No use ride in expensive car, berlagak...but NO CLASS AT ALL! Like uncivilised, uneducated people...

  5. well, i thot it's almost the same everywhere here in "bolehland"~~

  6. this is bad, you know when I was in Taiwan, even at their night msrkets, with limited dustbins, I don't even see any rubbish anywhere!

  7. errr.... i'd say it's no surprise? this is bolehland ma. haha!

  8. Not just Ipoh - everywhere! The mentality to keep & maintain the park clean for convenience of everyone is not there :~>

  9. Sad isn't it? some ppl just don't appreciate nature.

  10. Not surprising...so many food stalls around.. sigh...

  11. I agree with Isaac that Taiwanese are so clean and environmental friendly beings who recycle so much! I went to that Polo Ground long ago and it was not like your photos. So sad la!


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