11.11.11 - 11.11am

I was supposed to start my journey at 9am on the 11th Nov 2011 but I was held up at work. The secretary called me at that time that she needed some files from me. So I was off to the shop to get those files ready. Seeing that the boss was having his breakfast and he needed to get to the bank too, I had no choice but to get ready his stuff too.

Almost done, suddenly a customer wanted me to wrap some hampers for her. I had to do it hurriedly with the help from my assistant.

Finally, I was ready to start my journey. To my surprise, my car's clock showed 11.11. My gosh, it was 11.11.11 at 11.11am! What a coincidence!

So off  we went on our journey to Sepang. But I had to make a stop-over at Sg Buluh rest house. We had..

A & W..
as our lunch.



  1. You are supposed to have 11.11 stories to tell.

  2. So it was your lucky day so you bet on Horse#11 in the race course and it came in 11th.

  3. i just let that sneaked off during my work~~ :(

  4. I was in the middle of preparing a presentation slide for my boss... But i managed to stop and capture the clock of my lappie.. LoL

  5. ooo so many 111111 posts around .. :)

  6. Very interesting indeed.
    In Miri our Giant outlet (not so giant compared to WM's) opened on 11.11.11

    and there are other functions like weddings etc. I suppose prices went up 11%

  7. Never been to Sepang Gold Coast before.. want to see what's there! :)

  8. yeah yeah... cepat cepat post about sepang gold coast :)

  9. aww sepng gold coast is very beautiful! :D show more pichas


  10. Haha! It's no big deal lah. Doubt the numbers have any significant meaning. The only food I eat in A&W is their ice cream waffles!

  11. next time you must try Carl's Junior! =D

  12. A&W - can't remember when the last time had these :)


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