Low-tide Beach

Exploring the low-tide beach at Sepang Gold Coast was so much fun.

From the Sunset Garden to the Food Garden and then the Perahu Restaurant, we finally got to the beach.
We could see the faraway villas from here..

We walked further down the beach. The sand was so soft and clean.

walked further..

and further..

that's what we spotted

tiny crabs everywhere..

an exceptionally bigger one and it didn't crawl away like the others

my girls were still busy admiring those crabs

it was getting hot so I waited here for them

Finally, we got back to our villa and quickly got ready to hunt for our lunch outside the resort.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you, Wenn! Wow! What a gorgeous blog!!! I am so impressed.

  2. I miss catching those crabs... :D

  3. hmmm, somehow the beach at west coast is never appealing to me~~ :d

  4. I would love to explore this beach, one of my favorite activities. Hope you all had a wonderful visit.

  5. Wenn: that is a great beach and your weather looks beautiful.

  6. It's so wonderful. The place is so cool and peaceful. Thanks for dropping by.

  7. Such a low tide didnt catch any crabs haha.

  8. Now they have fried mini crabs.. guess must be something like these.. we ladies sure go under the shade.. :)


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