I was happily blog hopping today and I came to this specific blog site. Suddenly..

a file wanted to come in..Of course, I wouldn't allow but it kept persisting..

Scanned the pc and found 14 errors..

Tried to fix it and yet some files were failed to be fixed..

Detected so many errors..

the status showed..

so I restarted the system again and again..

still couldn't resolve it..

In a nutshell, my windows detected a hard disk problem.

But funny, I could still post this on this pc..

What a night..
Tomorrow, I need to send it to my pc technician..


  1. oh dear.. hope it is nothing serious, Wenn.. never mind, anything wrong, get a new lappie.. hahaha..

  2. oh, i've experienced this before too.. the window and message keeps popping up even quicker than i could response.. i just open the task manager and end the internet explorer program, DONE!!

  3. Gosh so many "criticals". Needs to go to ICU soonest possible! :s

  4. Wow!!! You know how to do all that yourself. Great!!! Mine had a problem, sent for the end, changed a new hard disk, Around $300...and then something wrong with my external modem and sim card... So frustrating, they can't seem to solve the problem. In the end, I subscribed to a new 3G account - money! Have to wait till my daughter comes home to terminate the old account - it's in her name. Tsk! Tsk!

  5. hope everything gets alright after the PC technician comes.

  6. a lot of hard-disc problems. mine had to be sent back to the manufacturer & it's only 8 months old!

    is it because the discs are not reliable, or is it that we, the users, messed up with indiscriminate downloads?


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