Happy Birthday, Mum!

My mum would prepare misua for me when it's my Chinese birthday. But I didn't have the chance to do the same for her until today. She came back to my place last Sunday. She would help me with the laundry while I prepare lunch.

So this morning, as usual, I was preparing to cook lunch. Then my girl came in the kitchen and said, "Today is Ah Mah's birthday!" Quickly, I referred to the calender and yes..it's my mum's Chinese birthday.

It struck my mind immediately to prepare misua for her. I boiled two eggs..boiled soup using fried ikan bilis and an egg. Got ready the misua too.

After that, I went on with my cooking our lunch. My mum was outside doing our laundry. When she was seated down watching the tv, I presented her with this bowl of misua..

I gave her an ang pow like she always did on my birthday.
I left her to enjoy her misua.

Then I went to work. I asked my girl to get a birthday cake for her Ah Mah.
After work, I got ready the cake and lighted the candle. We sang 'Happy Birthday' song to her.

She was so happy today!

Happy Birthday, Mum! 

We love you!


  1. so sweet. happy birthday to her!

  2. Happy Birthday to ur mom! Wat a great way to celebrate her b'day.

  3. nice...happy birthday to your mum!

  4. Thanks Isaac, slavemom n Chris..

  5. Happy birthday aunty! I still remember u brought her to sabah for holiday! Tat is the world happiness misua!

  6. hmmm, and you made her do the laundry for you~~ i'm just curious did she secretly hint your girl that it's her birthday today?? anyway, happy birthday to auntie and wish her healthy all the days.. :p

  7. SK, she loves to do laundry. I didn't make her do it. Anyway, thanks for your wishes.

  8. Happy belated birthday to your mum! She is still so young compared to mine. Sniff sniff!


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