My Story

After my Form 5, I went to work in a factory in Taiping. My friend recommended me as her sister was working there too. Initially I cycled to work but later I took the factory bus as the factory was quite a distance away. At the meantime, I applied for teacher's training. 

I didn't get the offer so I decided to work in PJ. My brother's friend was working in a company and she recommended me to work there as a clerk. I applied for the teacher's training again. Guess it's my ambition to be a teacher.

While working in that company, I learned shorthand and hope to be a secretary, my second choice.

During that time, I had my first room mate. She's a Christian and we went along well. Few months later, I got a letter offering me a place in a teacher's training college in KL. I was so happy that I resigned from the company immediately. I had to pay back a month's pay.

After I had registered at the college, four of us went to search for a big room and we became room mates. But it didn't last long. We formed into two groups and got ourselves smaller rooms.

After graduating from the college, I was sent to Pasir Mas to serve. There I had  a room mate who was also a teacher in another school. After a year, I was sent to Ipoh. Since then, I became Ipoh citizen..


  1. What a lucky lady! Everything fell into place for you - nicely!

    BTW I did not enjoy the horrible stress I faced for the golf tournament. Blek!

  2. so thats how you ended up in Ipoh! thanks for the share

  3. so that's how you actually ended up in Ipoh, i thot it was marriage that brought you there.. :)

  4. So you Taiping mali then Ipoh pergi.

  5. Same as SK i tot marriage brought you there :)

  6. you succeeded!

    Aloha from Honolulu

    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >


    < ° ) } } > <

  7. some history will remains in our mind forever. I still do remember certain things happened in my life around my early 20s. Hard to forget.

  8. My parents always encouraged me to be a teacher... said that the job suits my characteristics. I never listened... and true enough at this age now, I think I would be more suited to be a teacher than the job I'm holding now :-).


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