Lost but not found

Yesterday, a young lady and her brother were at our shop buying stuff. She was getting ready to pay at the counter and suddenly she realized that her purse was gone.

She panicked and started searching her bag but it couldn't be found. She went searching everywhere.

It was almost time to close our shop as it was already 10pm. We helped her to search too but it was nowhere to be found. So they had to get out from the shop. When we got out, I saw that they were sitting outside our shop. But my husband was still in the shop.

A few minutes later when my husband was ready to leave the shop, they confronted him with few of their friends. They insisted on entering our shop to watch the cctv. As my husband wasn't sure of how to operate the search on the cctv, he called me. I had to get back to the shop immediately.

When I reached there, I saw a few people outside our shop. Only the lady and her brother were in the shop. I entered the shop and quickly searched that specific time when they were in the shop. 

Her brother was looking at the cctv while the lady kept on searching. After almost half an hour, they gave up.

We sympathized her but we couldn't do much. Definitely someone had picked up her purse. Either she had dropped it or she had misplaced it somewhere. 

According to the lady, her purse contained RM2K..


  1. gosh..no wonder they camp outside the shop. RM2k is not a small sum. Lets hope she had miss place it.

  2. Most of the times i have got only less than RM100 in my wallet,if i need extra cash,i will not keep it in my wallet, precaution lah,,,,

    Sometimes I wonder,if one has so much in one's wallet,(unless RM2K to her is peanut),how come she did not take extra caution about it,,,,,,,,funny lah this lady

  3. Quite many incidents like these happen nowadays. She would have probably have been a victim of pickpocketing. Certainly not a small sum.

  4. Why would anyone carry so much cash? Some people are really ASKING for it...

  5. sad for you to become involved in her tragedy - but you handled it very well.

    Aloha from Honolulu

    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >

  6. Maybe the money was for some emergency fees or something..otherwise they wont "camp" outside your shop and waited... they have no other choice.. do they look decent?

  7. too bad she might just have been picked-pocket elsewhere..

  8. Hope this is a genuine case and both have done your part and very helpful but gotta be careful when people at closing hour come out with such misfortune and that's the time they 'strike'.

  9. Poor lady! She must be heart broken. Luckily they didn't turn violent!


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