Premier Travellers Palm Villa

I booked the Premier Travellers Palm Villa for 3 person via online. I was charged at once as it was an offer fare of 50%. I was not sure of what to expect. So when we reached the villa, I was rather impressed.

Hers's the sofa which was meant as a bed for the third occupant.
Can you guess who slept on it?

Here's the balcony..very cosy with the rattan set.

The King-sized bed..very majestic..

The lamp shade with soft tone.

A LCD TV screen  and an internet connection too beside it

There's even a fan

in an air-conditioned villa

Now you should know if we stayed at the lower or the upper floor.

I was further impressed when my name appeared on the tv screen.

 Simply love this villa!

Do hop over to my girl's blog to see us,


  1. looks nice! hopping over to your girl's blog to see more XD

  2. wow, and this is really nice!! i like that, with seaview somemore~~

  3. Ooh...very nice. I think your son slept on the sofa bed.

  4. 50% of 1k is RM500. Oops I guessed wrong you stayed at the upper floor. The sofa is reserved for the 'king' loh haha.


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