At Smiley Beach

We went to explore the Smiley Beach in the evening..

so many people were there

my mum just wanted to relax

the rest enjoyed the beach and the water

just walking on the beach was so much fun

but playing in the water was more fun

my kids had the chance to play badminton too

We were definitely not going to miss the sunset..
at 6.30pm on 11 Nov

The sun finally set at 6.55pm

Love this awesome view!

We called it a day and it's time for us to take our dinner at the Club House.


  1. What about the people? did they smile? why do they call it smiley beach?

  2. I prefer the hills and the mountains - cooler environment.

  3. I too left with a smile on my face after viewing your lovely blog.
    Joyce M

  4. Smiley beach? What a lovely name for a beach! :)

  5. there is no place like the beach, the feel of sand under foot, the waves hitting your legs and the sun's warmth on your shoulders.

  6. Oh wonderful views! I could almost picture myself lounging on one of the beach chairs, sipping a cool drink and reading a nice book :)

  7. beautiful shots

    beautiful MUM!

    Aloha from Honolulu

    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >


    < ° ) } } > <

  8. That last sunset photo is stunning!

  9. I love the beach we had great fun with our kids on the beach and now enjoy taking the grand children to swim and play in the sand. Your beach looks great ours is cold and deserted. I like the shot of the sunset. Have a great week. My skywatch piccies

  10. Thanks for the info.. see whether got opportunity to go there one day.. :P)

  11. Beautiful place to relax and unwind. Great place.


  12. Beautiful sunset. U can rent badminton racquet n shuttlecocks?


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