All in One Day

Today is a public holiday but I still got to work. My son still got to go to school for his co-curricular activity. After sending him to school at about 8am, I made a stop at the Buntong market. I spent about half an hour marketing.

On my way out from the market, I saw this 'apom manis' being made by an Indian lady. It was so tempting so I bought two. One for my girl and one for myself..

My girl loves yau chow kuai so I had to buy these from the market. 
I just took the crispy one as my breakfast.

Then it's time to prepare my chicken rice..

First, I cooked the cleaned rice immersed in black sauce and soya sauce in a rice cooker.

I simply poured those chicken pieces into the rice cooker.

I stirred fried yellow noodles with eggs, bean sprouts and lettuce.

This dish was our lunch!

After my lunch, I packed some noodles for my husband who was at the shop. 
I had to be at the shop too..

When I came back in the evening, I quickly cleaned myself and ate that chicken rice.
Then, I was back to the shop and worked until late at night..

What a day!


  1. wow, it does look like claypot chicken rice. I'm sure it tasted great.

    My eXperiences -

  2. looks like you are busier on a public holiday, haha.. i love that chicken rice.. :)

  3. Wah, nice to eat with sambal belachan!

  4. That's a very good planning ! Pre prepared your dinner.

  5. Hmmm...both rice and noodles are looks so yummy........

  6. Super Woman... can work in kitchen and can work in shop.. Geng!

  7. I agree, cooking can take all day!

  8. lolz at Pete's comment you and your sambal chacha belachan. Nice & yummy

  9. SuperMom.

    your chicken rice sure looks more like claypot chicken rice but i'm sure it tasted great!


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