Beyond the Music

I was surprised that my son loves music. When he was young, I wanted to send him for music class but he refused.

But recently, he has great interest in music. He has played the flute and now he is playing the saxophone.

Tonight my mum and I witnessed his performance at a concert.


  1. well i guess our interest will change.. eg: i regret i didn't learn piano when i was given a chance during school~~ :p

  2. I am sure your mum and you are very proud of him right? :)

  3. Three cheers to your son. Keep it up. This is among those proudest moments that parents and grandparents cherish in their lives.

  4. BRAVO!!!! I love up and coming musicians. What are his fav styles of music?

  5. Your son is a sax-maniac now. Great keep it up.

  6. Guess his first song would be the 'Pink Panther?' haha.


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