Magic trick

I love to watch magic shows. I was first fascinated by the way the magician performed when I was still in secondary school. I witnessed the performance and until now I could remember it and still wondering how those bottles of soft drinks appeared one after another.

I used to learn some simple tricks shown on books.

Recently, I have tried this trick but I still couldn't get it done perfectly.

Can you?


  1. LOL, my brother can do this(when he was much much younger), I have yet try it!^-^

  2. I don't think I can do I have an obstacle.... :p

  3. Wah...becoming David Copperfield now kah?

  4. I bet practice makes perfect, keep doing and you will master it in no time,,,,i am sure

  5. i was interested to watch, but now i'm more interested to know the tricks behind..

  6. I can do this. You know what? This is the exact trick I use to motivate my students. Only those who scored As in English will get to learn this from ME! I have been using this for years on my students :D


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