The Most Expensive 8 Letter Word On Planet Earth

When somebody dies, these vultures show up in flocks…

They say, “I am entitled to a portion of the estate of the deceased.”
They say, “I am entitled to the pension and life insurance of the dead man.”
They say, “I am entitled to it because I’ve grown ‘accustomed’ to it.”

When somebody becomes a success…
They say, “I am entitled to a job because you’re my brother.”

When somebody gets a promotion…
They say, “I’m entitled to a raise because she got a raise.”

When somebody loses their job…
They say, “I’m entitled to Welfare or Social Assistance.”

When somebody ends a relationship…
They say, “I’m entitled to support and benefits.”

It doesn’t matter if they even use the word “entitled” or another….
It glosses over their eyes and words like deep fried grease…
Somehow they are “entitled” to the paycheck without the work…
Somehow, they are “entitled” to the pleasure without the pain…
Somehow they are “entitled” to benefits without the bill….

That’s not to say that there aren’t any legitimate claims…
There most certainly are MANY legitimate claims…

But we are “entitled” to nothing we did not work for.
So we should be GRATEFUL for what we get…

You see, the problem with the world today isn’t the economy.
The problem is the parasites who are feeding off of that economy.

They might be bums, bankers, or bank robbers…
There isn’t a job description for parasites….
They come in all shapes, colors, and forms…
The problem is taking without giving…

The problem is ENTITLEMENT.



  1. Some Humans....worst than ghost...LOL!

  2. Sometimes human are like that,we really at times we deserve something of which we are not really entitled too..

    it is like a child tells the parent, " i want that too, cos koko got one" but he really does not that his koko slogged for it but he did not.........

    and it is sad, when someone claims that this land belongs to them, and when someone make it a success they want a part of it, in term of supremacy or what they call it in malay,,, mmmmmmmmmm ha "ketuanan" so they began to demand until the land they live in is left with nothing to give, cos everyone wants to cabut and no one wants to come in,,,,

  3. i agree with you, it's all because they are taking things for granted..

  4. Wow...thanks for letting us. I wouldn't know that this word would have cost so MUCH! :P

  5. human are greedy... it is natural. haha

  6. the malay word is short & to the point:


  7. This is an attachment that is certainly not good for ones' wellbeing. They fail to think that all entitlements cease at the end of the road when they meet death.


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