False beer/Arak Palsu

Two years ago, my husband bought in bulk a number of beer like Carlsberg and Guinness. This salesperson gave my husband good offer and thus my husband grabbed the great opportunity.

But this kind of luck wouldn't last. A month later, the officers from the Consumerism Sector came and confiscated all those beer. According to them, my husband was selling false beer.

My husband should have known that but he was blinded by the good offer. He immediately called the salesperson who then denied that his products were false.

Months later, my husband tried to contact the salesperson again and guess what..he went missing!

Never mind, my husband had explained to the officer who promised that a letter would be sent to my husband soon.

But it took such a long time. Recently, the officers personally came to our shop. They showed us a lettter that the compound is RM6K and one of the officers told me to write a letter of appeal.

So I was struggling to write a formal letter in Bahasa Malaysia. I have lost touch since I stopped teaching. Anyhow, I managed to write one with the help from the Essay Model.

My husband then sent the letter personally to the office. A few weeks later, a letter came saying that we had to pay the compound of RM4K.

Initially, the officer asked my husband to pay in cash but my husband refused so they agreed on bank draft.

My husband has yet to send the bank draft.


  1. It's hard to believe in others anymore huh! :( we just don't know who we can trust right now.

  2. Sorry I am not sure what 'false' means? Beer made out of something else repacked as branded beer? What else could be false or fake like the eggs etc..the real is unreal and the unreal is real???

  3. It seems that a 'good offer' must be looked at very suspiciously.

  4. When it comes to money, never trust anybody... Money is the root of all evil.

  5. hmmm, better not trust those salesperson that can promising everything..

  6. gosh.. nothing is real nowadays.. sure the salesperson denied.. like if i were to take back the sausages to the shop, he will deny too!

  7. Pay cash RM4k? Most likely it will go into someone's pocket then another letter will come asking for more $$.

    Had some flat beer before in Langkawi. Suspected it's fake too.

  8. Keep on appealing .....they might lower it somemore

  9. Oh dear! that's really bad luck. Believe in karma, the salesperson will get his comeuppance soon.

  10. Oh dear..... be more careful next time. What an irresponsible supplier....


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