Sebamed for sensitive skin

Our skin has a special feature: its surface is slightly acidic. On average the pH value of the skin is 5.5. The slightly acidic pH value of the surface of the skin wards off pathogens that cause disease.

The balance of the ecosystem of the surface of our skin promotes harmless micro-organisms well-adapted to humans which are found in thousands on every square centimetre of the skin. Harmful bacteria and fungi do not tolerate the acidic pH value and are displaced by normal micro-organisms.

In addition, the acidic pH value also stabilizes the skin’s function as a barrier. It ensures that lost fat in the horny layer is replenished quickly through reproduction. Another effect of the pH value of 5.5 is that the lipids in the horny layer retain their labyrinthine structure. This prevents water loss from the inside and penetration of pollutants or irritants from the outside. Thus the skin’s acid mantle performs an important protective function.

My comment:

Since I work in the shop, I develop skin irritation. I would use all kinds of cream. The irritation would go off but it will strike again any time.

Recently, I handle the purchase of Sebamed products, ie the liquid body wash and the soap. Many customers wouldn't buy Sebamed products as according to them, they are very expensive.

Since nobody seems to buy Sebamed, I start to use it myself. I realize that my skin allergy to dust has subsided. I hardly have itchy skin recently.

Now I start to recommend to customers who have skin problem like me. Some would buy but some still think that it's too expensive.

Even my BIL who is a doctor recommends Sebamed to his patients but on a smaller portion.

Now I start using Sebamed lotion too..


  1. So I take that this sebabmeb is quite ok for sensitive skin? :)

  2. Used this when I have pimples during my teenage days...LOL!

  3. Oh? Maybe I should try this...

  4. I used to use this. Now, no more sensitive skin. :)

  5. Heard about this from my pharmacist friend, he said it was good,,,, but i think for sensitive skin,sometimes it has got to do with the things we eat too,,,,don't you agree?

  6. i've heard about this brand, maybe i should also give it a try.. :)

  7. Oh yes, Sebamed is great for sensitive skin..

  8. yes, sebamed is good.. i used it many years ago.. stopped and then started to use it again...

  9. yes, totally support sebamed.. my baby started using the baby bath since birth till now... :D


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