My husband has a land but he doesn't intend to build a house on it. The problem that he is facing is that bushes grow wild on the land. So he would usually employ an Indian to clear those bushes every now and then.

One day, he received a letter of compound stating that the land was full of bushes. He quickly got the Indian to clear the land.

No matter what, compound must be paid. My husband paid the compound.

Another day, he received a bill stating that he had to pay for 'semak samun' RM500 and service charge of RM75 by the end of last month.

Therefore, on the 31st March, I went to MBI and enquired about that bill. I went to see a clerk at the compound unit. She told me that she would call me later to clarify the matter.

So I went back to the counter to pay the bill as my husband said to pay first. Otherwise, they might compound us for late payment.

Feeling unsatisfied, I went to see an officer. He photostatted the bill and told me that he would come back to me. In this case, I gave my husband's handphone number and until today, he hasn't called.

But the clerk that I saw called me and told me that the land was full of bushes and they had cleared it. That's why they charged us.

When I told my husband about that excuse, he was fuming. Why did they simply clear the land without even telling him that they were going to do so?

In that case, we simply paid for some work that we didn't witness..


  1. oh, that is very bad of them, must file a complaint..

  2. Wow..they can do that? Weren't they trespassing your husband's property? :/

  3. agree with tekkaus. sue them using that reason

    Have a nice day! =)

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  4. Thank goodness I have nothing...

  5. Does the govt. have the right to do that, being a private owned land?

  6. Oh dear getting a compound for having a compound of bushes..then gets compounded for late payment of compound.. ai yayaya..

  7. wow..rm500 is a lot! maybe your neighbours complained?

  8. RM500 to clear bushes? bull-s*** lah this ppl!


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