Facebook Account Recovery

My friend told me that she couldn't access her facebook and she needed my assistance in recovering it.

Since she was not sure of how to go about it, I did it for her.

Firstly, I clicked 'forgot password'. Then facebook sent a reset code to my friend's email. With that code I still couldn't recover for her.
So I  decided to use a different account ie my very own hotmail account. In this case, I was asked to name 3 trusted friends who could help in the process. My friend gave me two names and I added my own name.

After submitting those names, I was asked to go to my hotmail.

Next step for recovering the facebook account.

I told my friend to call her two friends to get the code. I as one of her trusted friend got my code  immediately from my facebook. After I had collected the three codes, I had to click the link.

I just had to fill in the codes.

Received another email asking me to click on another link.

Here I typed in a new password and reconfirmed it.

 Account Recovery Lockout.

I was told to log in after 24 hours.

Another email from the facebook team.

"If you did not change your password, 
your account may have been the victim of a phishing scam."

I wonder what is phishing scam..


  1. Must bookmark this. May come in handy one day. Tnx.

  2. oh this is scary, meaning your friend might have provided her FB account info to some scam emails.. something like email pretending they are bank and asking you to change your PIN by reconfirming your existing PIN.. oh, i've not expected they do this to FB account too!!

  3. Wow....really troublesome huh! :(

  4. Ouh...phishing means...they try to mislead you into giving your sensitive data. :p

  5. Arrr, all these phising scam, really kacau!

  6. "Friendly not the user" experience - troublesome & if click on link , one also might be the next victim?? - very complicated

  7. That was quite a process to recover an account..

  8. how to begin this Account Lockout Recovery?

  9. I havent receieved a second email. why? i typed a new password yet 24hours later no email?

  10. one of my three friends did not receive the security code!!! what do i do?

    1. Two of my friend's friend did give my friend the security code now my friend has problem she can't access her account my dear

    2. Two of my friend's friend did give my friend the security code now my friend has problem she can't access her account my dear

  11. Please help my friend to recover her facebook account please


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