How I caught a rat

This rat had been bugging us for quite some time. It had shitted on top of my microwave oven. Once, it ran past under my chair. Next it hid inside the book rack.

Another time, it was scratching from inside my store room. My husband had seen it running across the door way.

I had always wanted to get the rat poison from my shop but I kept on forgetting.

But yesterday, I remembered. I brought back the rat poison and the mouse trap.

Here's the mouse trap. I just opened it to reveal the sticky part. Then, I placed a few pellets of the rat poison at the center of the trap. I placed it under the cupboard before I went to bed last night.

This morning, I peeped under the cupboard and I saw the rat still alive struggling to get loose. I folded it gently and threw it into a plastic bag, tied it and placed it outside my house. Later, the garbage man collected it.


  1. Real easy to catch. Sometime very hard to outwit them!

  2. Poor Mickey Mouse. I bet the garbage man have sent him back to Disney land. :p

  3. That greedy rat! Good thing it was easy peasy catching it!

  4. urgh, that is gross.. i might not know how to deal with that rat on that sticky board.. haha!!

  5. Tom the cat will be happy to know that Jerry is caught by the Madamoiselle because it is always Jerry who disturbs him and get him into trouble.

  6. Padan muka the rat. Aiya...I also stupid. Should have use your method. I went and buy mouse trap the cage type. Hahaha..Then after caught it, pening how to dispose it

  7. Yikes rats!'re so brave!

  8. What?! You didn't kill the rat?! : D

  9. rat poison traditionally contains a blood thinner called warfarin, which in high doses, causes internal bleeding.

    it's a horrible way to go....

  10. sounds so gross and sadist to kill a mice like that yeah. i am sure it was in a lot of pain before it died

  11. Very cheeky rat, and its hard to catch it.
    My house one, also dahsyat! It ran into my living hall (from the car porch) while I was watching. Can you imagine my fear towards it!


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