Magnetic Sponsoring

The old fashioned methods of pounding the phones, holding meetings, pitching your business to leads, and trying to turn your friends and family members into business partners have come to an end.

You can position yourself in the market place in a manner that allows interested prospects to find you, and contact you.

The prospect invited you into his world, and is basically asking you to sell him your goods or services. You get to instantly bypass all of the barriers and walls that must be broken down by everyone else, and all of the sudden this isn’t about selling any more.

If you can establish a relationship with a person of greater status and value, your value and status automatically increase as well through that association alone.

The best way to increase your value to others, especially in this industry, is to increase your knowledge level.

Buy every book and every course you can because each time you do, you gain knowledge and skills that are extremely valuable and attractive to your prospects.

My comment:

I used to do the old fashioned methods when I started Fitline MLM in 2005. It was not easy. Initially, I was very active but gradually I became passsive. Now I just consume on my own. Even when I got to sell, I would sell at member's price. I prefer to do this way and after all, I still earn my bonus when I buy.

Recently, I happen to chance upon this magnetic sponsoring. I will make some effort to learn more about it..


  1. Well, it is good to explore new ways for networking but i really think nothing beats personal touch than high tech touch as far as MLM is concerned and the confidence in the products itself,,, everything else will fail if it was only for money and sposoring in MLM,, my two cents worhth lah..

    That's why i am not involved in any MLM cos i could not really find what i am looking for.

    all the best to you

  2. need to be involved full time to get the best out of MLM.:D

  3. I can't involve myself full time. That's why I didn't succeed in MLM.


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