Koala Bear

Size: 70 - 90cm (27 - 36 inch)
Weight: 4 - 9kg (9 - 20 lb)

The males are larger than females.

Southern koalas are 30% larger than the Northern koalas

Koala's fur is thick soft and pleasant to touch. Ears have long white hairs on the tips.
Koalas can live as long as 17 years, however males life expectancy is less than 10 years (due to injuries during fights, dogs and cars). Females generally live longer. Koalas living in an undisturbed habitat would have a greater life expectancy than those living in suburbia.

Koalas prefer to move around just after sunset spending daytimes asleep in the fork of a tree. Koala spends sleeping 75% of its time. Just after sunset koalas move around and can often be heard "barking" aggressively at other koalas.

This koala is so cute. I captured it on video when I was in Australia last year.


  1. they are slow moving animals, but cute!

  2. I always see the stuffed toys, but never the real one yet :)

  3. have not seen koala bear in real, but always get koala keychain from friends who went to Australia, haha..

  4. Hi Wenn, wow! Now I know about those bears.

  5. How I wish we could keep this koala as pet!

  6. I wish to go Aussie...my hubby said koala bear very smelly wor. is it?

  7. you come to Auckland next time?

  8. my son has been telling me that he wanted to see koala in the zoo..... we have none in M'sia.....

  9. Ann, I would love to visit NZ one day.

  10. They are the icon of Australia. :D How come the Southern one is larger?


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