Dead battery

It happened when I was still a teacher in school. One day, it was my duty for the week. I taught in the afternoon. Teachers on duty were not supposed to go back earlier than the others when school dismissed.

So, on this particular day, I was lazy to walk to the office so I had a short drive and park near the office. After I had punched my card and wanted to call it a day, my car couldn't start. Never mind about that, the alarm was sounding. So loud and irritating!

I called my husband and he instructed me to press a button somewhere below the steering wheel to shut up that alarm. Unfortunately, it won't work.

The day was getting dark and I had to get home. Luckily my afternoon supervisor was still around. She drove me to the small town and looked for a mechanic.

Then we spotted a workshop but they gonna closed. Quickly, I asked for help.

The two mechanics followed us back to our school. One of the mechanics checked my battery and found out that it was dead. I needed a new one. So what else could I do. The other mechanic went back to get a new battery for me.

I could say I was lucky in the sense that I had money on that day. Normally, I didn't have that much money. That battery cost me a bomb..


  1. You mean change the battery for the car? Must be expensive I guess.

  2. oh lucky you, or else you're gonna stay there to wait for your husband and somemore it's dark in the school~~ @_@

  3. How much? Mine RM200, maintenance-free type.

  4. Next time you can pour some hot water on the battery connection and try to start the car.
    To disable the alarm, you must turn the ignition to 'on' then only press the hidden button.

  5. More than often time is up for the battery due to the limited life span where STP beat my record of 5 years. But sometimes better to check and reconfirm if the alternator is not charging enough. Just like your last CNY incident where your car got stuck on PLUS highway to KL. If a new battery is flat after a month most likely the charging is not working well and not so much on the fault of the battery.

  6. wow..guess i hv got great feedback from all of u..i got to learn more about cars! Thanks!

  7. i also encountered before. When the batt is flat, your alarm will on. Got it changed and it's ok. I spent around RM200 too.

  8. Hi Wenn, when you first started the car, it started first crank? If more than 3 times, one clue the battery is dying out.
    You not a member of a motor club....where they can help you with one phone call?
    Maybe you should join up.
    Have a nice day.


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