Mnemonic Cartoon

I taught a number of new vocabulary words to my year 4 students when I did my thesis on Mnemonic.

I actually used this cartoon to show to my students. I had two classes. One was the Controlled Class while the other was the Experimental Class.

When I just simply taught them the word without any picture, they couldn't recall it.

But when I taught them by showing them the above picture and telling them that it sounds like 'duck', they could recall it immediately.

Even after two weeks, they could still remember the word.

I was actually trying to prove "teaching vocabulary through mnemonic cartoons is more effective".


  1. Hey Wenn, thanks for sharing the site, it can come handy when the time I need to teach my girl vocabs!

  2. Love the teachers' strategies!

  3. You have very good students...

  4. yup. cartoons are more effective + attractive.

  5. yeah, it's true actually, similarly to learning by mind-mapping..

  6. I think it's true just like watching educational TV over textbook - faster absorption rate?

  7. Cartoon always create better impression.

  8. Using Visual Aids to teach is really effective.

  9. An interesting and effective method. :)


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