Lactose-free milk ingredients

People who are lactose intolerant are unable to digest the milk sugar lactose. In some cases, just a few sips of milk can prompt negative side effects like nausea or severe abdominal cramping. Lactose-free milk enables people who are lactose intolerant to enjoy the taste and health benefits of milk without experiencing symptoms.

Most lactose free-milk products are identical to their regular counterparts. The only difference is that the lactase enzyme has been added for the purpose of breaking down the lactose into the simpler sugars of galactose and glucose. With the lactose already broken down, those who are lactose deficient don't have to worry about experiencing symptoms. Soy products are made from soybeans rather than milk.

Some lactose-free products taste sweeter than their counterparts because the simpler sugars are more readily recognized by the tongue as being sweet. The more complex sugar lactose does not register quite as sweet. Also, because the simpler sugars are more sensitive to temperature variations than lactose, you should be especially careful to store lactose-free milk below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.


  1. hey, not bad.. so knowledgeable..

  2. Some of us really need this product right? :) Thank goodness I am not lactose intolerant. :p

  3. 30 years ago it was hard to find lactose free milk. My children born then had to depend on Nursoy and Isomil. In between milk feeds I made my own soya bean milk...wondering all the time whether they had adequate nutrition!! Thankfully their IQ is not affected!!

  4. No problem for me, but thanks, anyway, for the info... Some allergies may appear later in life.

  5. This milk is good for kids suffering from diarrhea right?


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