Let's drink!

Do you drink?

Personally, I don't drink. My husband loves to drink and I really dislike his drinking. However, I don't show my disapproval at all.

He would normally drink with his friends and since he knows I don't like beers, he doesn't offer me any. He and his friends would drink to their hearts' desire and at times he gets drunk.

Well, a few hours ago, one of his friends kept pestering me to drink and I hated that. He demanded an answer from me as to why I dislike beers.

Getting annoyed, I rudely replied, 'You just drink as much as you can. Don't involve me!'

He was reasoning out the benefits of drinking beer. I simply felt irritated and wanted to say out loud, 'I hate beers!' but I just kept quiet and rushed out as it's time to go back.

So they could enjoy drinking as long as they want!


  1. errrr.....i can;t drink beer but somehow love to have a can at times....:)

  2. just maintain your stance wenn, nobody should force you to like anything you dislike :)

  3. I don't drink....unless someone is getting married. :p Drinking is not healthy...at all. :(

  4. I am grateful (not feeling entitled) to my beer drinking husband :-)

    Warm Aloha from Honolulu

    Comfort Spiral




  5. me and hubby also dislike drinking...but we do sip a few mouths anyway!

  6. That friend does not respect you at all! It is good that you snapped back at him. U r such a good wife for not nagging at hubby. Maybe u should have a talk with him....

  7. i don't fancy drinking also, i find beer and liquor not tasty but i wonder why some people love them so much..


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