Ball Lantern

Merryn taught us how to make a ball lantern. I was eager to give it a try. So when I came back after work at 10pm, I quickly took my shower and started on this special handicraft.

I got ready 4 stacks of Chinese New Year packets.
30 altogether

Started folded them into diamond shape.

Then I stapled the packets and here's the outcome.

Here, I got stuck. It became something else instead of a rounded ball lantern. :)

Well, it's late. I will try again soon..

Thanks, Merryn.


  1. But still yours is beautiful. :D

  2. No, thank you. What a waste of ang paos... I guess can't keep for next year. Save the environment.

  3. yeah, practice makes perfect.. hope you'll be successful the next try~~ :)

  4. Very pretty, Wenn.

    Gung Hee Fat Choy!

    Thank you for your dear friendship here in the blog-world.
    Please stop by today to share a special moment with me if you have the time. Warmly, c-
    Comfort Spiral


  5. I like the colours of your lantern...

    I think it still looks beautiful even it's not ball shaped.. :)

  6. It's too long! The angpows you used are too long.. u need to resize it.. to be a shorter rectangle..

  7. It's beautiful! ;) Where are you gonna hang them?

  8. Very nice angpow packet..from which company one? Can I have some for my collection...if u dun mind.

  9. MeRy, I can send a packet to u. Do give me yr address.


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