Hutong Trishaw Ride

It was fun experiencing the trishaw ride in Beijing.

Two person to a trishaw.

Trishaws in queue getting ready.

While in the trishaw, I was busy picturing this old bicycle..

the sidewalk peddlers..

the wooden house..

and this beautiful house with lovely entrance.


  1. looks very chinese like. XD I've been to shanghai before but not beijing, but the towns look similar, no trishaws there though.

  2. So it is like the beca here in Malaysia lar? :p

  3. i didn't had a chance to go to the hutong while i was in beijing..

  4. LOL!!! The last time I rode in one in Malacca, the abang beca had a tough time... Muahahahaha!!!

  5. You went there a few years ago? It is said that many of those hutongs have been demolished.

  6. A good way to promote tourism like what Penang is doing too. Nice old houses.

  7. Great photos! What fun to have been there!

  8. the ride must be good and i like the modern yet traditional looking houses


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