The Tiananmen Square architectural design

I simply love to look at any building with its architectural designs. Here at Tiananmen Square, there are aplenty of beautiful structures.

I could see ducks swimming in a lotus pond..

about the same design but it's a portrait..

plenty around here..

an antique..

such beautiful sculpture..

very unique piece of work but I couldn't make up the picture..

Can you??

a very rare piece with sculptures of dragons..

But why the hole??


  1. It looks like the shilling used in China those days, right?

  2. nice capture of the architecture...

  3. Gorgeous photos, and I love your backdrop photo! Looks like Kinderdijk in the Netherlands where we went bicycling.

  4. Thanks for the amazing sites!

    Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral



  5. I can't remember what is the hole for, but I remember the tour guide did brief something about it... and the lotus with mandarin ducks bring good relationship to couples!^-^

  6. the hole representing the sun? not sure...

    the first two designs remind me of the carvings in chinese mosques... they have these similar lobed frames, yet within are islamic calligraphy.

  7. are those still at Tiananmen Square, or already inside the Forbidden City??

  8. Nice intricate design and hand work..tQ

  9. Got see Wong Fei Hung prancing around? ha ha ha!


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